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Aquarium Filters

 Aquis Canister FiltersThe Aqua One Aquis Canister Filter range offer a far superior level ofboth mechanical and biological filtration. The superior motor design
provides silent and energy efficient operation plus a modular designwhich allows for a variety of media.


Moray Internal FilteThe Moray Internal Filter is a quality filter with the flexibility of a canister filter

in interchangeable cartridges giving flexibility to the user. With corner or flat glass

mounting options making this filter highly adaptable to any aquarium.

in a compact design. Biological, mechanical and chemical filter media are supplied
ClearView Hang on FiltersHang on filters are designed to be clipped onto the backof your aquarium. They are ideal for garden aquariumsor any other way,where a submersible filter would takeup too much space. They provide very high levels offiltration.


Internal Filters - Maxi SeriesThe Maxi range of Internal filters offer an effective biological and mechanical filtration solution for the smaller aquarium.


Internal Filters - Mini Series (low voltage)   Offering the absolute maximum levels of safety, the Mini series of internalAquarium Filters are ideal for the mini children's aquarium.








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